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Test Prep

We had a great Khan Academy Live.  We recorded the class so you can review the concepts and strategies we covered at any time. Check out the recordings for any of our Khan Academy Live: SAT classes below:

Good luck and we hope you find these free online classes helpful!
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Registering for the ACT® test was a big step for your students. Now it’s time for them to get ready to do their best with one of these prep options:

ACT Online Prep™—A dynamic program accessible at home or on the go, online and through an app, offering a personalized learning path and guided plan based on test answers and test date, official study resources and assessments from the ACT, and Interactive games.

ACT® Kaplan® Online Prep Live—A virtual classroom experience with expert Kaplan-certified instructors, offering all the benefits of ACT Online Prep, plus interactive, live streaming classes, recorded sessions to watch anytime, and support delivered in real time by instructors, even outside of classroom hours.

Please share this information with your students. They can start using these resources now, even if their test date is months away.

Encourage students to sign up today and start prepping tonight!
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Try Career Key® with Your Students
Many counselors and career development professionals seek to expose their students to RIASEC-based (Holland) interest inventories.  The Interest Profiler is a popular tool by O*NET, and it’s available on so that results are saved for students and then viewable by educators through the CFNC ProCenter.
But there’s another RIASEC-based tool that you might be less familiar with: Career Key.  It had its beginnings right here in North Carolina as Dr. Larry Jones, professor emeritus from NC State University, first published the instrument in 1987.
It’s available in the “Plan for Careers” section of for both middle school and high school students.  In addition to the documented reliability and validity of the tool, many professionals turn to Career Key because it only takes 10-15 minutes to complete.
To learn more, log into and go to “Plan for Careers”, and find more details on the Career Key site.

For test preparation and/or individualized tutoring for these standardized tests, I am including the following links for your consideration: