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Moseley's Messages

Next week we will try to finish our novel, James and the Giant Peach.  It will be imperative for students to be good readers and good listeners in class so that they can do well on the final written test and AR test  We will work on story elements and vocabulary from James, in class.   If we finish the book, the test Friday will cover the main concepts of the whole novel. Try asking your child what they read in class and get him/her to retell it to you over dinner.
Grade 3 will continue working on the Skeletal System in science.  Students will have a written test on Tuesday.  A review is coming home today to study.  Please study.  The last timed test for multiplication before Christmas will be on Wednesday.  I will average in the top 4 grades as 10% of the math grades.
Grade 4 will continue working on the layers of the earth and rocks and minerals. Students in 4th grade will have a written test on Thursday.  A review will go home on Monday.  They will have the last timed test before Christmas break on Wednesday.  I will average in the top 4 grades as 10% of the math grade.
Ar goals need to be met by 12/19.  Don't forget this counts as 10% of the reading grades. 
Upcoming Events:  
Current Event Articles - No current event for December.
December 19-Full day of school.  Last day before break.  This will be the day of our Christmas party which we will have around 10, followed by PE at 11:10, lunch at 12, and a movie at 12:45.  
We will have our class auction prior to our party so if you did not send in your items, and you would like to, please send them in as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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Fall Festival

Please don't forget to support our Fall Festival by sending in 2 Liters of your favorite drink along with 1 or more bag(s) of individually wrapped candy.  If you're a baker, send in individually wrapped goodies too.

Camp Flintlock Info

Dear Kerr Vance Academy Teachers,


Here is a checklist to help you & your students have a great experience during the Camp Flintlock Field Trip on Tuesday, October 2nd!


  • When the CF staff are traveling to your school they may be reached at (919) 437-1909 or (919) 437-7621.
  • Before the day of your event, please show your students the 5 minute Camp Flintlock Field Trip video on our website
  • Cameras are welcome and great for taking photos at the dress up station.
  • Backpacks/bags are encouraged & useful for storing clothing layers as the day warms. They are also great for holding onto all personal belongings, crafts, and store purchases.
  • Please remind students that we have a store in which they can purchase Colonial reproductions. When the students have already thought about what they would like to purchase the field trip runs more efficiently. We have over 100 items (no candy or food). Dollar Items (Arrowheads, Writing Quills, Buffalo Teeth), Writing Supplies (Ink $3, $5 and $8 per bottle), Silk Fans and Sandalwood Fans ($3), Silk Parasols ($8 each), Musical Instruments (Flutes $3, Tin Whistles $10, Fifes $12 and $20, Drumsticks $5 a pair), Furs (Daniel Boone Coon Hats $10, Fox Tails $6 & $12, Rabbit Furs $10), Games (Cup and Ball $5, Graces $23), Flint and Steel Kits ($16), Brass Telescopes $7 & $20. For a more complete listing of our merchandise and pictures use this link


Thank you! We look forward to serving your school.

Your Humble & Obedient Servants,

Mr. & Mrs. Langdon & the Camp Flintlock Staff

Camp Flintlock, Inc.