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Upper and Middle School Summer Assignments

2018 Title List for 7th-12th Grade English classes
Assignments - if there are any - are listed separately below.
7th and 8th Grade Summer Reading Assignments and Supply Lists:
9th Grade CP and Honors 
Summer Reading Assignments
10th Grade Reading Assignment - refer to the the 2018 Title List for 7th -12th Grade at top of this page.
AP English Language and Composition
11th Grade - Summer Reading Assignments
11th Grade CP and Honors
Summer Reading Assignments
2018 AP Literature Summer Assignment
2017 Summer Assignments for AP Biology and
Supply List for all Biology, Environmental Science, and Physical Science classes.
AP US History Required Textbooks and Summer Assignments
AP Comparative Government Textbook and Summer Assignment
Required textbooks for Dr. Horton's classes
2018-19 Art Supply List
2018 Integrated Math, College Algebra/Trig, Algebra I and II, and Calculus Supply List
2018 Pre-Calculus and Geometry Supply List