A Message from the Board Chair

Kerr-Vance Academy recently celebrated its 50th year in education.    Such a milestone is never accomplished without successes, challenges, and dedication.   As we approach the 2019-2020 school year, we would like to take this time to thank our former Headmaster, Mr. Frank Wiggins, for his dutiful and caring service to the school, and wish him well in his endeavors at Youngsville Elementary School in Franklin County, North Carolina.

 Mrs. Alison Short (Asst. Headmaster, Lower School) is currently serving as Interim Headmaster.  Her unwavering love and support of our school, and all its staff, and students for more than fifteen years is such a blessing.   Mrs. Short and the teaching staff are fully committed to continuing the special experience we offer at Kerr-Vance Academy.  Each area of the school has a designated lead teacher to assist Mrs. Short with day-to-day duties.  Kerr-Vance Academy will be in good hands under their leadership.  We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful staff dedicated to our children!    

We are committed to taking adequate time and thought to provide the best solutions for each challenge and opportunity that carries the school into the future.  The teachers, staff, and board are all grateful for the confidence and support our families have in us to make the best decisions we can as we always keep our children in mind as our first priority.

Angie Jacobs

President, Board of Trustees