Mission Statement

We, at Kerr-Vance Academy, strive to provide for our students an intensive liberal arts college preparatory program in a safe atmosphere where all are treated respectfully. We endeavor to maintain high expectations while actively engaging our students in learning. Further, we strive to foster intellectual curiosity, concern for others, physical development, creativity, and social and moral values.

Our History

Vance Academy was founded by a group of interested men and women and opened its doors in a temporary building in 1968. The land was given by Anne and Roger Fleming. The school serves five counties: Vance, Granville, Franklin, Wake, and Warren, as well as surrounding Kerr Lake and Southern Virginia. Its mission then, as now, was to provide strong academic, athletic, and character education.

From the beginning, the Academy grew steadily. By the fall of 1969, a new building was ready to accept students in grades one through nine. Two years later a new wing was added for the high school facility. This wing contained five classrooms and a fully equipped science lab. In June of 1973, construction of the James W. Crawford Gymtorium was completed.

In 1978, work was begun on a new building for the upper school classes. This building contained six classrooms and an office complex for the guidance counselor. At the present time this wing houses grades 7-8 and the Upper School computer lab.

Kerr Lake was founded in 1971 by a group of parents who purchased the Townsville High School and established a school that provided classes for kindergarten through ninth grade. In 1986, Vance Academy and Kerr Lake merged, thus creating Kerr-Vance Academy.

The building program continued in 1997 to complete the Jerry S. Cottrell Cafeteria, which opened in September 1997, and the new Primary Center opened in 1999.  It housed the daycare, Pre-kindergarten classes, Kindergarten classes, and Art and Music Complexes. In 2000, the most recent addition to the school was the middle school building, which included upper school classrooms and a science lab on the lower level.  In 2007, the middle school classrooms were converted to the present day Media Center. Upper school classrooms and a science lab continue to reside on the lower level.

Kerr-Vance Academy will continue to play a central role in the growth and development of our area and will continue to offer the children of this community an extraordinary college-preparatory education