Lower School


The primary goal of the pre-kindergarten program is to promote optimum development of each child through positive, creative experiences. Instruction is based on developmentally appropriate activities that are both flexible and personalized. The integrated curriculum takes a thematic approach to learning.


Students will experience the enjoyment of reading while learning the fundamental strategies and skills that will enable them to read independently. Math skills are taught using hands-on activities with manipulatives, small group instruction, and whole group activities.

Grades 1-4:

The educational instruction emphasizes the attainment of academic skills as well as the development of specific abilities, attitudes, and work habits. The program is designed to meet the students’ individual needs as well as to challenge them to reach their potential. These classrooms are self-contained.

Grades 5-6:

The students at this level will rotate between three teachers for their classroom instruction. They are given more responsibility as they head towards the middle school years. The core subjects include reading, language, writing, math, science, and social studies.

All students in the Lower School classes participate in:

  • Art

  • Music

  • Spanish

  • Physical Education

  • Computer

  • A+ Lab

  • Library