Kerr-Vance Academy Commencement for the Class of 2018

Kerr-Vance Academy held it’s 2018 Commencement on Saturday, May 26 at 10 am in Crawford Gymtorium.

Kerr-Vance Academy held it’s 2018 Commencement on Saturday, May 26 at 10 am in Crawford Gymtorium.  Thirty-two seniors received their high school diplomas during the ceremony.  Headmaster Frank Wiggins welcomed everyone and senior Becca Johnson gave the invocation.

The Salutory Address was given by Genie Parish and Valedictorian Richard Allen also spoke to the audience and his classmates.  Allen told his classmates, “I can testify to each of you beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we have received a better, more personalized education here than we could have anywhere else.  KVA has given each of us the tools to shape for ourselves a successful, unique experience during our time here.  All we had to do was reach out and take them.”  Allen also reminded his fellow graduates that “the gift of our educations gives us each the responsibility to do our part to tackle the multiplying problems of our world.”

Each high school graduate was then introduced to the audience while their families stood.  Senior Advisor Pat Hillery gave a personal narrative about each graduate and Headmaster Wiggins and Board President Anne Marie White presented the diplomas. 

Ms. Hillery gave a heartfelt tribute to two colleagues, Dr. John Steinbaugh and Mr. Mike Dawson both teachers at Kerr-Vance who passed away earlier this year.  She reminded the graduates that both men had high expectations for them and had been meaningful to each of them during their time at KVA.  Ms. Hillery also recognized the dedicated Kerr-Vance faculty and staff for the outstanding job they do teaching and supporting students. 

Mr. Wiggins then took to the podium with closing remarks for the graduates.  He shared that he believed that the students would look back with fond memories of their time at KVA but that their “best was yet to come.”  He reminded students that “the easy way is not always the best way.”  Practically everything worthwhile requires effort, hard work, and sometimes pain.”

Mr. Wiggins conferred the diplomas on behalf of the Kerr-Vance Academy Board and students moved their tassels.  Graduates recessed to “Pomp and Circumstance”. 

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