Online Courses Program Guidelines

Eligible Students: 11th and 12th grade students

Number of participants: 10 students per class period

Fee: Each class has a fee associated with it and the amount depends on the provider.

Classes: Students can earn .5 credits per semester.

Students MUST sign up for two courses and remain in the online class all year.

Students can only take one period of online classes per school year.

Students will have the same amount of time, 10 days from the start of school to drop an online course. A new online course must replace the dropped online class.

To sign up for an online course, check the appropriate classes on your scheduling sheet. When the maximum number of students per class period is reached, Mrs. Rogers will move on to the other elective choices selected on your scheduling sheet.

Grades: Online class grades from Fueled will factor into the students’ KVA GPA.

Outside classes online or even from VGCC will not be included in the KVA GPA.

Courses offered

AP Macroeconomics/AP Microeconomics

Accounting (year-long)

French 1-4

German 1-4