Upper School

High School (Grades 9-12):

The primary focus of the high school level is preparation for college. The curriculum and school activities offer learning experiences that enhance academic and personal growth. The curriculum focuses on the fundamental basics of English, math, foreign language, science, and history. Elective courses such as journalism, computer, fine arts, advanced physical education, and additional classes in math, history, and science allow students to put together an impressive transcript for their college applications.


In order to receive a high school diploma, students must complete the following number of credits in each subject as designated.

  • English - 4 credits (English I, II, III or AP Language and Composition, IV or AP Literature)

  • Mathematics - 4 credits (Geometry, Algebra II, and two Math electives)

  • Science - 4 credits (Biology, Chemistry, and two Science electives)

  • History - 4 credits (World History, Economics/Political Theory, US History or AP US History, and Elective)

  • Foreign Language - 2 credits (must be two levels of the same language)

  • Health and Physical Ed - 1 credit

  • Other Electives - 3 credits

Total Minimum Credits - 22


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